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      A Note From FIS Outdoor

      First, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to each and every one of our customers and vendor partners for your phenomenal support.

      Yes, the economic climate and building markets were very strong during the first several years of the 2000’s, and most likely our competitors enjoyed solid performance as well. Over the past few years though, the business climate has been more challenging and success doesn’t come as easily. Today, more than ever, we all must make our own success. I am reminded of a question a friend once posed… “Is your success because of you, or in spite of you?” Of course, what he was asking was whether our actions created our success or were we just in the right place at the right time. I truly believe our success is because of the way we conduct business and the people who make it happen.

      At FIS Outdoor, we strive to do business as seen through our customer’s eyes. We don’t want to be just a supplier of materials to you; we truly want to be an extension of your business. The only way to gain this perspective is to forge solid relationships with our customers and understand their business. We are fortunate to enjoy such extraordinary relationships with many of our customers. We seek to understand the challenges you face everyday. We know that it’s not just important to have the right products at a competitive price, but to have those products available and delivered to you when you need them is most critical. Productivity of your employees is where the real money is either made or lost.

      Doing business from this perspective, we continue to seek new ways to provide solutions to your needs and reasons for you to feel that we are “the easiest to do business with in the industry.” Based on your input, we have developed additional resources to assist you in securing new revenue streams and efficiency. These range from a full department focused on providing commercial job leads and quotes, to a customer portal called @FIS that will allow you to manage your account online, to training classes on complimentary products you could install to create supplemental revenue.

      In addition, with our customers adapting to provide more services beyond irrigation; many requested that we seek out and acquire additional products to be their one stop, outdoor products provider. “We heard you!” and we placed a major emphasis on providing these products at very competitive prices. A few of these products that have gained great acceptance in the past few years are: a wide range of quality landscape lighting brands, mulch, pine straw, chemicals, fertilizer, landscape tools, drainage, custom pump stations, and water saving irrigation central control products. These additional product lines are a natural compliment to the quality brand name irrigation products that we have supplied for over 40 years.

      Although FIS is a fast growing company, with over 30 branch locations in five states throughout the Southeastern US, we still do business as we did decades ago. We remain agile in our ability to serve you and adapt to the market. We are still a family owned business who sees our customers and our vendor partners as friends of the family. Serving our customers as friends is vastly different than just providing customer service. When it comes down to it … people do business with people. The “face” of our company is not our logo, it’s the salesperson who works with you to secure projects; it’s the counter person who facilitates your order, or the delivery driver that brings product to your job site. They are the “face” of FIS, and I am proud to say we have the best people in the industry. Look for the FIS Outdoor logo, because your friends are there to help you.

      Again, thank you for your business over the years and we look forward to serving you, and growing with you, in the future!

      Jeff Bower

      Vice President

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