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General Information

Producing Championship Conditions — Pebble Beach Golf Links

See how Pebble Beach Golf Links uses advanced control from Rain Bird to manage their microclimates and provide a once in a lifetime experience for every guest.

Rain Bird® IC System™ — Unparalleled precision and diagnostics

Golf courses in over 50 countries around the world trust the proven performance of the Rain Bird IC System to control their entire course with pinpoint precision and unparalleled diagnostics. From streamlined installation to timeless compatibility, the IC System brings you advanced features in a simplified, easily expandable design.

Conserving Tomorrow’s Water with Rain Bird Golf Irrigation — The Club at Admirals Cove

See how The Club at Admirals Cove is getting the most from their limited water supplies in Florida. With Rain Bird innovation, they aren’t just conserving water, they’re defending their turf.

Golf Irrigation Rotors

Rain Bird Golf Rotors – Self Flushing Action

Rain Bird Rotor: Top Serviceability

Mastering Playing Conditions with Rain Bird Golf Irrigation

Superintendents from some of the world’s top golf courses tell how the Rain Bird IC System is making an impact on their golf irrigation systems.

Rain Bird Products

Rain Bird SmartPump for Golf

Learn how Rain Bird SmartPump can help you maximize pump use, improve water window efficiency, save money and extend the life of your pump.

Rain Bird MI Software Overview


Rain Bird Golf Global Service Plans (GSP)

Hear how Rain Bird’s Global Service Plan and their local Rain Bird distributor have helped the Palos Verdes Golf Club keep their golf irrigation system running at peak performance for over 2 decades.

Technical Solutions for Golf Irrigation Systems

Troubleshooting a Weeping Rotor

How to replace PRS tubes on Rain Bird Golf Rotors

Step by step instruction on how to replace the PRS tubes on Rain Bird Golf Rotors and Rain Bird EAGLE Series Golf Rotor Sprinklers.

Rain Bird 751 Full-Circle / Part-Circle Rotor: Memory Arc

How to splice Rain Bird MAXI Cable

Rain Bird® MAXI™ Cable is used to control two-wire irrigation components such as the Rain Bird® Integrated Control (IC) System™. Proper splicing will help get years of trouble free operation from your irrigation control system on your golf course or elsewhere. MAXI cable is suitable for direct burial applications.

Rain Bird 751 Full Circle / Part Circle Rotor Arc Adjustment

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