LED vs Standard System

10x longer life

21.6 year lifespan vs 2.1 year lifespan

10x lower energy costs

$21.90/year vs $182.50/year

Less Power Required

XF150 (150 watt transformer 1.25 amps) vs.

XF900 (900 watt transformer 7.55 amps)

Easy LED Bulb Replacement

Existing Halogen LED Replacement
3156 wedge base 25w L3156-LED-3W
Bi pin 20w LBIPIN-LED-3W
20w MR11 flood LMR11-LED-4W-F
20w MR16 flood LMR16-LED-4W-F
20w MR16 narrow LMR16-LED-4W-NS
20w MR16 wide flood LMR16-LED-4W-WF
35w MR16 flood LMR16-LED-5W-F
35w MR16 Narrow LMR16-LED-5W-NS
35w MR16 wide flood LMR16-LED-5W-WF
20w PAR36 wide flood LPAR36-LED-8W-WF

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